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1. Make initial contact & fill out a Trip Request Form.

Regardless of how you have made initial contact and how extensive it was, we require a
few things before we get started:

a) New to Simply Inspired Travel: If you are new to Simply Inspired Travel, please fill out an Initial Trip Request form and the use this link to schedule a free/no obligation consultation with Michele who will take you through the first two steps of the process and then will pair you with the advisor/agent who is your best fit. In the event your best fit is busy you’ll be given the choice to work with another capable advisor/agent or to wait until the other becomes available.
NEW CLIENT Trip Request Form

b) Existing Clients: Please fill out an existing client Initial Trip Request Form and select your Advisor/Agent or Click on the link under their photos in About us to contact them directly.
 EXISTING CLIENT –  Initial Trip Request Form

c) Multiple Trips Form: 

Multiple Trips Request Form

2. Initial Consultation with Michele

Currently Michele performs the  initial consultations, keeping  her connected to the clients and the pulse of what they’re asking for. During the initial consultation, you will be asked a lot of questions as we discuss your travel preferences, interests, and budget.  Providing as much detail as possible about your desires, destination, travel dates, and specific activities or experiences you’d like to include is always helpful.  You cannot give us too much information at this stage.  During your initial consultation we will attempt to narrow that down to what you really want. Michele’s extensive knowledge and experience will help to guide your direction and your individual advisor/agent will research and provide you quotes for the best determined options for resort, ship, cruiseline, tour, etc… 
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3. Introduction to your Travel Advisor

After our initial consultation, you will be introduced to your new Travel Advisor by zoom or email.  Once introduced, your travel advisor will be your main point of contact.  I am always available by email for any questions or concerns you may have.
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4. Customized Travel Plan

Based on the information gathered, and conversations between you and your Simply Inspired Travel Advisor/Agent; they will create a personalized travel plan tailored to your desired budget and preferences. This plan will initially include suggested destinations, accommodations, and transportation options, and afterward excursions, activities & dining recommendations may also be added.

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5. Review and Adjustments

It’s the client’s responsibility to review the proposed travel plans provided by Simply Inspired Travel, carefully & in a timely manner. Any changes or adjustments should be communicated with your Travel Advisor as soon as you know them so a new proposal can be sent. Regular communication is very important during the quoting process.

Provided adequate planning time is given, your Simply Inspired Travel Advisor will provide you with up to 3 quotes and up to 3 adjustments (additions, modifications, or special requests up to 3 times after the deposit is made) Free of charge.

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6. Booking and Reservations

Once you’re satisfied with your travel plan, your Simply Inspired Travel Advisor will collect your deposit and get it booked. This may include flights, accommodations, tours, and any other necessary services for your trip. Your Simply Inspired Travel Advisor will provide to you up to 3 quotes and up to 3 adjustments (additions, modifications, or special requests up to 3 times after the deposit is made.) Free of charge.

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7. Travel Documents

Your Simply Inspired Travel Advisor will ensure that you receive all the necessary travel documents, such as flight itineraries, hotel confirmations, tour vouchers, and any other important information related to your trip prior to your know-before-you-go appointment.

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, most of our suppliers are now offering electronic documents only. All documents will be emailed and you will have the option to print or not.

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8. Know-Before-You-Go Appointment

Clients are encouraged to schedule a pre-departure know-before-you-go appointment approximately 2 to 3 weeks before the start of your trip. Anyone traveling with you is welcome to attend this video appointment where we will provide you with valuable information and tips to make your trip smoother and more enjoyable. We can answer any last-minute questions you may have and offer additional insights about your destinations.
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9. Support and Assistance

Throughout the planning process, your Simply Inspired Travel advisor will be an invaluable resource, providing not only expert advice but also advice about local activities and maybe even unique dining experiences to prepare you for your journey. We want you to have a rich travel experience while knowing that a safety net is always in place, should you need it. You can be rest assured that should you encounter any significant issues or emergencies during your travels you will know precisely who to contact for the quickest possible response, as this will all be provided during your KNOW BEFORE YOU GO appointment. Having a real person to talk to in a crises makes all of the difference.

Although last minute changes do happen, it is strongly advised that you make every effort to finalize your plans as you wish prior to making a final payment. Changes requested DURING TRAVEL should be limited to the following:

*Emergency or Unforeseen circumstances causing you to cut your trip short or

*Emergency or Unforeseen circumstances causing you to need to extend your trip

**Simple add-ons or enhancements to elevate your experience.

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10. Trip Follow-Up

Your Simply Inspired Travel advisor knows how crazy it can be the first few days back after a significant trip or holiday so when we reach out to you to see how things have gone, we will do so by email. We strongly encourage you to share as much as you’d like with us through email and since we would love to catch up in person as well, be sure to schedule a follow-up appointment with your travel advisor at your convenience after your return so you can tell us all about it. If we don’t hear from you after a few weeks, we’ll reach out. Don’t forget, we love to hear your positive feedback as well as whatever we can do to improve Simply Inspired Travel moving forward.

*You will be given points of contact in the event of travel emergency’s during your KNOW BEFORE YOU GO appointment. Please make note of this and have it with you as your agent may not be your best first point of contact depending on the circumstances and where you are.

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