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Welcome to Simply Inspired Travel, where your journey becomes our inspiration! Meet the heart of our agency—the incredible team dedicated to turning your travel dreams into reality. Our team is here to build, plan, and execute your dream vacations. Each agent brings a unique set of skills, allowing us to tailor your journey with precision and care. We are ready to serve you with personalized expertise and a shared commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences.

Michele Wirth

Owner of Simply Inspired Travel

Michele has spent the past ten years curating unforgettable trips for amazing clients! Now, she’s embarking on a new adventure in travel planning. Simply Inspired Travel is unique concept in travel planning agency’s derived in direct response to Michele’s own obstacles that held her back during her ten years of travel planning. How do you specialize in what you love & not have to turn clients away? We have found a way to enable agents to offer their clients specialized travel planning services without ever having to plan a trip they themselves are not comfortable planning. It’s a win-win for the client and the agent. Not only that, our unique agency model enables travel advisors to take at least two honest-to -goodness vacations a year, rest assured, that someone has your traveling clients back while you’re away. It’s something we are happy to do for each other. Her new model also offers small group peer to peer support, networking opportunities & training, & ground floor advancement opportunities. The goal is for every client to be exceptionally taken care of and every advisor to feel happy, satisfied & generously compensated for a job well done. Independent Contractors happily & generously collaborating for the greater good of the client & each other is the ultimate goal that we are achieving this year!


Favorite Trip: Cappadocia Turkey

Most Adventurous Excursion: Climbed Beehive at Acadia National Park

Favorite Trip They Planned: Hawaii

Bucketlist Trip: Galapagos

Michele Wirth
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Juraimei Jultulis

Executive Administrative Assistant

Juraimei was a God send for Simply Inspired Travel. She began working as an assistant to Michele in June of 2022, and she couldn’t have come a second too soon. Juraimei is intelligent and efficient and helps mainly with our marketing and back office. Juraimei is the mom of a sweet ten-year-old daughter, and we feel very fortunate to have her on our team! Juraimei’s dream is to travel to the beautiful beaches of the Philippines Islands and beyond!

Favorite Trip: Malaysia

Most Adventurous Excursion: Going Zip Lining!

Favorite Trip They Planned: Baguio

Bucket List Trip: Japan

Juraimei Jultulis
Allison Borrelli Headshot

Allison Borrelli

Travel Agent and 
Marketing Executive Team Leader

Allison, our dedicated romance travel expert, is fueled by a passion for exploration and a wealth of experiences in 26 countries. As an Influencer on social media, she enjoys sharing valuable travel insights. She specializes in Luxury Caribbean getaways and Exotic Vacations. With a commitment to crafting dream vacations, Allison is excited to turn your travel aspirations into reality!

Favorite Trip: Borneo Malaysia

Most Adventurous Excursion: Doors-off Helicopter over Kauai

Favorite Trip They Planned: Amalfi Coast Sailing Trip

Favorite US City: Moab, Utah

Bucket-list Trip: 180-Day World Cruise

Addison Abbate

Adison Abbate

Travel Agent and 
Recruiting Executive Team Leader

Adison is passionate about creating travel experiences that blend luxury, nature, culture, and wellness. Adison has traveled extensively, living in Italy and exploring Europe, visiting Ecuador, and experiencing various US cities and national parks. Adison values intentionality and believes that every detail contributes to a memorable journey.

Favorite Trip: The Azores Islands

Most Adventurous Excursion: Sleeping in a Treehouse in Mindo, Ecuador

Favorite Trip They Planned: Roadtrip from Washington to Utah

Favorite US City: Santa Barbara

Bucket-list Trip: New Zealand and Thailand – its a tie!

Wal Sauers


I have always loved to travel, experiencing different cultures and cuisines from around the world. I’m a proud retired military veteran and serving took me all over the world visiting over 16 counties during the 24 years I served. Now retired me and my wife enjoy exploring the rest of the world.

Favorite Trip: Bringing my son to Japan

Most Adventurous Excursion: Ran with the bulls in Spain

Favorite Trip They Planned: my nephew’s retirement trip to a Sandal’s resort in Barbados

Bucketlist Trip: sleeping in a tent on the Serengeti

Kitty Cunningham

Kitty Cunningham

Kitty is a seasoned travel agent, specializing in high-end cruises and custom Europe itineraries. She joined Simply Inspired Travel in 2015 and is known for her wit and up-to-date knowledge of the industry.

Favorite Trip: Galapagos Islands and Italy

Most Adventurous Excursion: Have a snake wrapped around her neck and head in Morocco!

Favorite Trip They Planned: Paris

Bucketlist Trip: Australia or Africa

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Advisor/Team Member In Training

Our team is growing! If you’re passionate about travel and interested in finding out more about training to become the newest member of our Simply Inspired Travel Team, please email us!
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